I must confess…

I must confess, I’ve been so busy with a bunch of different projects, I’ve neglected posting updates to this page. I apologize!

I’m going to work to bring everything up to date over the next week or so, and there’s more news on the way after that! In the meantime, I’m continuing to post new content every week on my YouTube channel and podcast, along with musings and updates on my Facebook page and other social media accounts.


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GeekyJustin Live: The Podcast

By popular demand, I’ve turned my live interview series into a podcast as well. That means you can now watch it on my YouTube channel or my Facebook page, but you can also listen to it on the go by subscribing in iTunes or your favorite podcast software.

New video: Why I’m still a Christian.

I know, I know. The word “Christian” makes me cringe sometimes, too, and I’m one of them. The truth is, a lot of my friends not only aren’t Christians; they have a really terrible impression of Christians, and considering the behavior of so many Christians, it’s hard to blame them. So it’s probably no surprise … Read more