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Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate

Over the years, a lot of LGBT folks have asked me for a book to help their conservative Christian friends and family understand them better: “I came out to my Christian parents, but I can’t find any good resources to help them connect with what I’m going through.” Most of the books on this subject either don’t understand LGBT people or don’t understand conservative Christians, so I set out to write one that understands both.

Torn is the story of my journey as a devout evangelical who discovered himself to be gay. Throughout the book, I use personal stories, pop-culture references, and scientific research to discuss a number of the issues Christians care about: Why are people gay? Can sexual orientation be changed? How has the church responded? How should the church respond? And what does the Bible say about it all?

Torn is available in a bunch of formats:

In the UK, Torn is published under the title Unconditional.

Torn has also been translated into Dutch with the title Verscheurd. It even inspired an LGBT Christian group in the Netherlands which takes its name from the book!

(I made a video about my adventures in the Netherlands, trying to pronounce the title of my book there. Check it out.)

Nice things people have said about Torn:

“This book is full of three things that are not always much in evidence in our debates on sexuality—fresh air, common sense and manifest love of Christ….I welcome it very warmly.”
—Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

This is the most important book I’ve read in years, and it will be the first I recommend to anyone interested in bridging the divide between the LGBT community and the church.”
—Rachel Held Evans

“This is a must-read.”
—Dr. Tony Campolo

Coming soon: Book #2!

Yep, the cat’s out of the bag; I’ve got a second book coming soon from Penguin Random House, about fighting cultural polarization and talking to the people you disagree with. Stay tuned for more details…