Rachel Held Evans’ new book is launching today!

Thought I’d mention that my dear friend Rachel Held Evans has a brand new book out today called Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church.

If you’re new to Rachel’s work, you’re in for a treat. She’s a New York Times bestselling author and incredibly popular blogger who writes about faith and life. She has a knack for saying what other people haven’t known how to put into words, and in her latest book, she deals honestly with a topic that is painful for many of us: What happens when the church stops feeling like home?

I’ve talked to so many people who grew up in the church but now have trouble finding any church where they feel comfortable: They’ve been hurt too much by the church, or they’ve seen their friends and family hurt by it. They still love Christ, but all too often, they don’t see Christ in the church.

If that’s you, I think you’ll really enjoy Rachel’s new book. I’m reading it right now, and I find that I resonate with so many things she says. She’s also doing a special deal where you can get free music to complement the book if you purchase it by Saturday, April 18th. 

One more thing I want to say about Rachel: She’s the real deal.

When I was going through a lot of tough stuff in recent months, Rachel heard I wasn’t doing so great, and she called me out of the blue—in the midst of a very busy time for her right before a major book launch—and listened to me whine about my life for two full hours. In my experience, that’s just how Rachel is. She cares about people, and she lives out that love even when no one else is paying attention. Yes, we’re friends, but I’m sure she has many much closer friends than me, so I can’t claim some special unique relationship with the great RHE that gives me priority access. The truth is, quite simply, she’s an incredible human being with a giant heart, and I’m proud to support her and her work.