Speaking engagements (and virtual talks!)

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Over the last two decades, I’ve spoken to audiences across the US and around the world—and in the era of COVID-19, I’ve been doing webinars and virtual talks as well.

Secular organizations and universities most often invite me to speak on dealing with polarization and misinformation in the modern world, building on themes from my book Talking Across the Divide.

Churches and faith-based organizations most often invite me to speak on Christianity and LGBTQ issues, building on the themes from my first book, Torn.

Regardless of the topic or setting, I always strive for two things: to make sure people have fun and leave with real, practical new information and/or understanding.

So if your university, church, conference, book club, bowling league, bald-guy fan club, or whatever would like a speaker for your event, just fill out the form below and let’s make it happen.

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Speaker Request Form
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