A few videos of my speaking engagements

I’ve given a lot of talks and presentations over the years. Here are a few recent ones that have made their way online.

If you’d like to bring me to speak to your group, click here.

Sermon at Suncrest UMC

I was asked to give a sermon on the Bible and homosexuality. This was the result.

Biola University, Conversation with Wesley Hill

This conservative Christian university hosted a dialogue event following their publishing of a position paper condemning same-sex sexual behavior. My friend Wes and I were invited to take opposite positions and discuss them with grace.

Seattle Pacific University, Presentation with Ron Belgau

My friend Ron and I are often asked to do presentations on our differing views of sexual orientation and┬áChristianity. Here’s an example of one we did on a Christian campus.

Talks on other topics

I’ve done a number of talks on other topics, ranging from grace and forgiveness to social justice and current events. I’ll post more of those here soon.

In the meantime, let me know if you’d like me to speak to your group.