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I’m known for my LGBTQ work in Christian spaces, but the blog posts on this page are primarily nonreligious in nature.

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A story about labels

A story about labels
You’ve probably heard this story before, but probably not like this. Here’s a children’s story, a history lesson, and something important about human nature all rolled into one video.

How young is too young to talk about LGBTQ stuff?

How young is too young to talk about LGBTQ stuff?
“Could my 7-year-old already know he is gay?” That was the title of a worried mom’s Reddit post about a week ago. Her young son hadn’t used the word “gay,” but he had indicated an interest in other boys, and yet he seemed afraid to talk about it. The mom wanted to know how best ...

Raw response to this morning’s Orlando shooting.

I posted this just now on Facebook and wanted to share it here: I’ve spent the morning being devastated and speechless once again at the terror that one human being can inflict on so many others. As someone who’s lost a family member to gun violence, news like this always feels personal. But an attack targeting LGBT ...

A young girl’s story.

This video is fantastic. We NEED to hear more stories like this. If you have a great story to share (yours or someone else’s), send me a link!

Sex, gender, and assumptions: “Usually” doesn’t mean “always.”

This morning I read an article about a breast cancer survivor who, in the wake of North Carolina’s “bathroom bill,” now finds herself being mistaken for a transgender woman—and treated therefore as less of a woman—because of her mastectomy. Her story reminds me of one of the big problems we humans often have when dealing with ...

Can bisexuals be monogamous?

Can bisexuals be monogamous?
I’m often asked if bisexuals are incapable of monogamy, since they’re attracted to both sexes. Here’s how I answered a reader with that question.

“Why is a transgender person not considered to have a mental illness?”

The website Reddit has a popular section called “Explain Like I’m Five,” or ELI5. The idea is that people ask questions about things they want to understand better, and experts or other people who do understand the topic offer answers—not literally aimed at five-year-olds, but in simple, easy-to-understand language to help anyone grasp the concept. It’s a ...

Why do people “come out”?

People often ask me why so many LGBT people feel the need to “come out.” In honor of National Coming Out Day, here are two previous posts of mine to explain why I think coming out is important. Why do you have to tell people you’re gay? Too Much Information?

Is it a choice? No. Does that matter? Absolutely.

In the 18 years since I first came out as gay, I feel like I’ve heard discussions on “Is it a choice?” about a million times. And for 18 years, my answer has continued to be the same: You can choose your behavior. You cannot choose your orientation. People can choose who to date, kiss, or sleep with. They ...

Gay pride festivals: a real-life follow-up.

On Friday, I answered a reader question about why some gay people dress or act provocatively at Gay Pride events. Imagine my surprise when, only hours after I published that post, a friend informed me that there was a local LGBT festival going on near me the very next day! So with that reader’s question still in ...