LGBT (including LGBT + Christian) resources and posts

Because I’m known for LGBT-affirming work in Christian spaces, many of these resources and posts are aimed at a Christian audience. If you’d prefer, you can view only secular LGBT posts.

Common questions about gay Christians

The Bible and homosexuality

  • (Video) Homosexuality and the Bible: A Nuanced Approach – A video I made to summarize the need for a better approach to the topic; it also explains my view on the Bible and why I believe Christians should support same-sex relationships.
  • The Great Debate – Many years ago, my friend Ron and I wrote opposing essays on the Bible and homosexuality. We’re working on updated ones to reflect how our thinking has changed, but for now, here are the original essays.
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Most popular posts

Here are some of my most popular posts on LGBT issues. Check them out, or view a complete list of all my LGBT blog posts.

Can bisexuals be monogamous?

Can bisexuals be monogamous?
I’m often asked if bisexuals are incapable of monogamy, since they’re attracted to both sexes. Here’s how I answered a reader with that question.

When fairy tales blow your mind.

When fairy tales blow your mind.
I thought I knew the story of the Ugly Duckling. There was more to the story I didn’t know—and as a gay man, it made me cry.

Homosexuality: It’s not what you think.

Homosexuality: It's not what you think.
As a sheltered Christian kid, what I thought “homosexuality” meant was really different from what it actually means. Here’s what I wish I’d understood—because it would have changed how I felt about gay people.

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