Heads, I win; tails, you lose: 5 spiritual flip-flops Christians must avoid.

Remember the other day, when I wrote about Trendianity, Christianity’s copycat cousin? One way you can distinguish the two is when a disagreement arises. Genuine, gospel-focused Christianity should lead us to be gracious in disagreement (Romans 14). In some situations, that means agreeing to disagree, while in others, we may be called to take a … Read more

Finding the balance.

Handling disagreements can be tricky. You know what’s trickier? When the two sides don’t even agree about whether it matters. For instance, this weekend, I read an article about Christian views of Halloween. The article pointed out that many Christians don’t celebrate Halloween, viewing it as something linked to Satan and the occult. (The church … Read more

Some disagreements are too important to debate.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been traveling to different colleges to talk to students and begin campus conversations about homosexuality and Christianity. At each stop, we bring together a roomful of students who disagree with each other and then try to have a respectful conversation with each other. The experiences have been fascinating, and … Read more