A reader’s follow-up on yesterday’s transgender article

In response to my article yesterday on a Christian perspective on transgender people, perpetuallurkernazanin writes: My girlfriend wrote a synopsis of Bible verses and Christian denominational policies in support of trans people…please take a look, and share if you find it helpful! This is helpful, because I didn’t get into the Bible passages in my post … Read more

VIDEO: You’ve never heard me make this argument about same-sex marriage.

On this blog, I write a lot about how both sides can have more gracious dialogue in the debates about homosexuality and Christianity, but I don’t often spend time making arguments for my own personal view. (Anyone can argue for a position; showing grace to your opponents is harder.) So for those of you who … Read more

Questions from Christians #1: “Doesn’t the Bible say it’s a sin to be gay?”

This is by far the most common question I get about faith and sexuality. It’s a huge, complicated question, but people always want a short, simple answer. You want short? Okay, here goes. Question: Doesn’t the Bible say it’s a sin to be gay? Short Answer: No. That’s the most concise answer I can give. … Read more

Like Jacob and the angel.

A lot of people struggle with ambiguity on matters of faith. They don’t want to hear about differing theological views on an issue where Christians disagree; they really want a spokesperson from God to give them a definitive answer on every theological question they’re wrestling with. Wrestling with confusing texts and differing interpretations is just … Read more