Questions from Christians #5: “Isn’t calling yourself a gay Christian like calling yourself an adulterous Christian?”

Part 5 in my series of questions Christians ask about gay people. An open letter to Christians everywhere about the “adulterous Christian” analogy. Dear Christians of the world: Please, please, please don’t use this analogy. I know what you mean, but this one really ticks gay people off, and it gets you nowhere. Here’s why. … Read more

Questions from Christians #4: “Why do you have to tell people you’re gay? Can’t you keep it in the bedroom?”

Part 4 in my series of questions Christians ask about gay people. Today’s question is suuuuuuper common, and gay people hear it in a lot of different ways: “Why do you have to let people know you’re gay?” “Isn’t your sexuality a private matter?” “Can’t you keep it in the bedroom? I don’t tell people … Read more

If Christians have a bad reputation, maybe it’s because we need more empathy.

Last week, ran an article asking if Christians are a “hated minority.” In the piece, some evangelical Christians suggest that they are being demonized for expressing their religious view that homosexuality is a sin, and that this is proof that Christian views are no longer tolerated in American society. I had several initial responses to … Read more