When life gets you down.

When I feel dejected, frustrated, lonely, or sad, there are some things I do that often help. Feel free to try these if things in your life or the world have gotten you down. In no particular order: I listen to music—first to help me process my emotions and then to help me move into … Read more

An important message.

Friends, It is with tremendous sorrow that I must share this formal statement, which is going out on GCN’s channels today. I have known about this since May but haven’t been able to speak about it, which is why I’ve been silent on social media. I wish I could comment on it further, but I … Read more


The internet gives us a great opportunity to broadcast messages far and wide. But without back-and-forth and face-to-face, we lose a lot of nuance. We need the chance to say, “Did you mean…?” and “Can you clarify…?” and “Here’s how that sounded to me.” Nuanced, personal conversation allows us to refine our views and learn … Read more

A new book is coming!

After I wrote Torn, everyone kept asking me whether I’d write another book. My honest answer for a long time was “I don’t know.” I don’t believe in writing a book just to say you’ve written a book. With Torn, I said things that I’d been wanting to say for many years, things I believed … Read more