This is what respectful disagreement looks like.

I spend a lot of time in spaces with people who disagree with me. I’m gay and an evangelical Christian, so you can imagine how that goes. Some people don’t like the “gay” part; some people don’t like the “Christian” part; some people don’t mind the “Christian” part but object to the “evangelical” part; and some people are okay … Read more

My passionate 10-minute pitch for LGBT affirmation at a conservative Christian university.

A Christian university invited me to publicly explain, in ten minutes, why I disagree with their policy on LGBT students and same-sex relationships. Here’s the video of that speech and the Q&A that followed. (I’ve also included a transcript of my speech itself.)

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VIDEO: You’ve never heard me make this argument about same-sex marriage.

On this blog, I write a lot about how both sides can have more gracious dialogue in the debates about homosexuality and Christianity, but I don’t often spend time making arguments for my own personal view. (Anyone can argue for a position; showing grace to your opponents is harder.) So for those of you who … Read more

The real difference between Phil Robertson and Pope Francis.

There’s been a lot of internet chatter this week about Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty star who made comments about his disdain for homosexuality and was suspended from the show. People have spent a lot of time protesting his remarks or protesting his suspension. But so far, the best analysis of the subject I’ve seen … Read more

Questions from Christians #1: “Doesn’t the Bible say it’s a sin to be gay?”

This is by far the most common question I get about faith and sexuality. It’s a huge, complicated question, but people always want a short, simple answer. You want short? Okay, here goes. Question: Doesn’t the Bible say it’s a sin to be gay? Short Answer: No. That’s the most concise answer I can give. … Read more

If Christians have a bad reputation, maybe it’s because we need more empathy.

Last week, ran an article asking if Christians are a “hated minority.” In the piece, some evangelical Christians suggest that they are being demonized for expressing their religious view that homosexuality is a sin, and that this is proof that Christian views are no longer tolerated in American society. I had several initial responses to … Read more