My passionate 10-minute pitch for LGBT affirmation at a conservative Christian university.

A Christian university invited me to publicly explain, in ten minutes, why I disagree with their policy on LGBT students and same-sex relationships. Here’s the video of that speech and the Q&A that followed. (I’ve also included a transcript of my speech itself.)

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VIDEO: You’ve never heard me make this argument about same-sex marriage.

On this blog, I write a lot about how both sides can have more gracious dialogue in the debates about homosexuality and Christianity, but I don’t often spend time making arguments for my own personal view. (Anyone can argue for a position; showing grace to your opponents is harder.) So for those of you who … Read more

My “debate” (dialogue) with Christopher Yuan at Malone University

I’ve just gotten back from speaking to a packed chapel at Malone University, and I had a blast! If you’re not familiar with Malone, it’s a Christian school in a more conservative denomination; their official view is that gay relationships are sinful. They’ve been sponsoring a series of “Worldview Forums” in which proponents of diverse … Read more

Here’s what happens when I speak at Christian colleges.

Public speaking (and especially speaking to Christian groups) is one of my favorite things in the world. It’s so much fun! I just posted three different videos of presentations I gave in the last few weeks at Christian colleges, so for those of you who might be thinking about having a speaker at your school/church/group, … Read more

Some disagreements are too important to debate.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been traveling to different colleges to talk to students and begin campus conversations about homosexuality and Christianity. At each stop, we bring together a roomful of students who disagree with each other and then try to have a respectful conversation with each other. The experiences have been fascinating, and … Read more