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Justin Lee on faith, culture, and nuance

Justin Lee on faith, culture, and nuance


Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate (updated and expanded edition)

Torn has a newly updated and expanded edition for 2024! Get it here:

About the updated and expanded edition

For more than a decade, Torn has been one of the best-known books in the gay/Christian conversation, with people on all sides using it to understand one another and navigate areas of disagreement.

Now, this updated and expanded edition brings new stories, new tips, updated examples, and a fresh take on the LGBTQ conversation in today’s Christian families and churches.

Among the new topics covered in Torn‘s new edition:

  • Balanced, thoughtful advice for what to do when family members are torn over issues like pronouns or wedding ceremonies;
  • The inside story of what really happened in the ex-gay movement and why it collapsed after so many years of reporting success;
  • A deeper look at today’s gender conversation and advice for Christians who feel overwhelmed by the explosion in new terminology and ideas;
  • Practical, step-by-step tips for handling these disagreements in our families and churches and working to prevent future schisms.

For me, this will be the definitive edition of Torn from now on, and I’m so excited for everyone to read it. This updated and expanded edition is now available! Click any of the links at the top of the page to get your copy.

About Torn

Over the years, a lot of LGBTQ folks have asked me for a book to help their Christian friends and family understand them better: “I came out to my Christian parents, but I can’t find any good resources to help them connect with what I’m going through.” Others have asked me for a book to help them understand themselves and make sense of their own struggles as Christians who began to suspect they were LGBTQ.

Most books on this subject either don’t understand LGBTQ people or don’t understand conservative Christians, so I set out to write one that understands both. I had no idea how popular it would become.

Torn is the story of my journey as a devout evangelical who discovered himself to be gay. Throughout the book, I use personal stories, pop-culture references, and scientific research to discuss a number of the issues Christians care about: Why are people gay? Can sexual orientation be changed? How has the church responded? How should the church respond? And what does the Bible say about it all?

Torn seeks to answer these questions in a friendly, nonthreatening way.

Looking for the original edition? You can find it here.

Newly expanded and revised for 2024!

Divided by faith and LGBTQ identity? Torn has an all-new edition with new chapters, new stories, and a new study guide to help heal the rifts.

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