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Justin Lee on faith, culture, and nuance

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Truth vs. ads: Airline edition.

We all know airplane food isn’t the best, but sometimes I’m surprised. I was flying US Airways, and they were offering food for sale on the long flight. Here’s the image from their menu that tempted me:

Yum, right?

I mean, it’s not going to set a world record for originality, but hey, that’ll do.

Here’s the description, from the menu:

Smoked turkey and brie sandwich – $8

Smoked turkey breast, frisee lettuce, Brie and cranberry chutney on a nine grain flatbread, with Sun Chips and Milano cookies.

Wow! Pretty nice, US Airways! Brie and cranberry chutney on my airplane turkey sandwich!

So I ordered one.

I know, the title already gave this away, but if you haven’t scrolled down yet, you’re not prepared for…

The reality.

Here’s what the real sandwich looked like.

I just… wait. What?


But that’s… not…

Wait, is that little dab of white supposed to be the Brie? Or is that mayonnaise?

I took a bite, but I didn’t taste any Brie or cranberry chutney. So I peeked inside.

Welcome to the wonderful world of advertising.

Have a happy flight!

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