Publishing, books, and the author’s journey

Until a few years ago, the publishing world was a complete mystery to me. Now, with two published books under my belt, I understand a lot more about how it all works.

I’ll be keeping this page up to date with answers to questions and blog posts documenting my experiences as an author.

My books so far

  • Torn – A book about gay Christians and the struggles many churches have to understand some of their own members.
    • (Torn is also known as Unconditional in the UK and Verscheurd in the Netherlands.)
  • Talking Across the Divide – Practical advice for changing hearts and minds on the issues that divide us as a nation.

Popular posts on publishing

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5 super-awesome author moments.

5 super-awesome author moments.
As a first-time author, there are a few special moments that you never forget. Here are five that happened to me that I will cherish forever.

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