Posts on this page are more about my personal life and how I’m doing as an individual. I often feel like I’m under the microscope and can be reluctant to open up about my private life, but when I do, you’ll find it here.

Most popular posts

Here are some of my most popular posts on personal topics. Check them out, or view a complete list of all my personal blog posts.

  • You asked…I answered.You asked...I answered.
    In April 2018, I hosted my first public Facebook Live “Ask Me Anything” Q&A. People had a lot of great questions, personal and otherwise. Check out the video to see how it went.
  • My post-GCN lifeMy post-GCN life
    After 16 years running the nonprofit I founded, my life went in a new direction. Here’s the letter I wrote to my friends in early 2018.
  • My mom just died. Here’s what you should say.My mom just died. Here's what you should say.
    A few days after my mom’s death, I wrote this to help my friends know how to support me. Everyone grieves differently, but maybe this list will help you next time someone close to you has a tragedy and you aren’t sure what to do or say.
  • Introvert phone rules.Introvert phone rules.
    I’m an introvert, and I have a love-hate relationship with my phone. Here’s a humorous (but true) post about how to use the phone with people like me.
  • Advertisement vs. realityAdvertisement vs. reality
    Just a fun little post about a truth-in-advertising experience I had on a plane.
  • Here’s what it’s really like to be on TV.Here's what it's really like to be on TV.
    To brighten your day, here’s a totally silly humor piece based on my real-life experiences on various TV shows to promote my books and nonprofit work.

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