This Australian video gives me chills.

This video has been making the rounds on the internet, with around 2.5 million views in less than a week. What is it about this short clip that strikes such a chord with people?

I don’t post this for any political reason, but rather, to make a point. There’s something emotionally stirring about the idea of two people who fall in love and devote their lives to one another, in good times and bad. The protagonist of this video is unseen for most of the clip, leading us naturally to wonder: Who is this person? Is it a man or a woman? Does it matter? How would we interpret the video’s events differently if we were to change the protagonist’s gender?

For Christians on “Side A” (in favor of gay marriage), the answer is that it doesn’t matter. But for Christians on “Side B” (believing God’s will for our sexuality is between a man and a woman), the issues are more complicated.

For all of us, though, there’s something important we need to remember. When we talk about the morality of “homosexuality,” we’re not just talking about sex acts, as so many of us imagine. We’re talking about people whose lives and relationships include so many joys and sorrows that have nothing whatsoever to do with sex. If we say gay people must be celibate, we need to recognize how much we’re asking of someone. And it isn’t enough to just have a position on the morality of same-sex sex acts. Side B Christians must ask themselves, “Is it just the sex I believe God has a problem with? Or is it the entire relationship? How do I know? And what significance does that have for all the couples out there who want to serve Christ?”

Your thoughts?