BREAKING NEWS: Evangelical leader Dr. Tony Campolo switches position on same-sex couples.

Hey all, this is a big deal.

For a long time—including in my book—I’ve pointed to Dr. Tony Campolo as an evangelical leader who knows how to love people even when he disagrees. For years, he’s preached that Christians need to do a better job of treating LGBT people with love, but he’s also continued to hold a traditional (“Side B”) position on marriage, while his wife Peggy has pushed for full church acceptance of same-sex couples (“Side A”).

Today, Dr. Campolo has changed his position and taken a stance in favor of full church acceptance of same-sex couples. The statement on his website is here.

Dr. Campolo is only the latest in a long line of influential Christian leaders who have come out as Side A in the last few years. For Christians on both sides—and for anyone who cares about LGBT people—this is an important trend to watch.