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Justin Lee on faith, culture, and nuance

Justin Lee on faith, culture, and nuance

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Can we heal our divisions?

The news has been scary lately. It feels like we’re at each other’s throats. It hasn’t always been like this. So how do we fix what’s gone wrong?

I’ve just posted the audio and video of my conversations with two experts who may have some answers.

First, I talked to political scientist Dr. Lee Drutman about American politics—why is it so polarized, and what would it take for us to break out of our “two-party doom loop”?

Why American politics is so nasty—and how we could fix it

Then, I talked to social psychologist Dr. Cameron Brick about the human factor—how does social media inflame our divisions, and what can we do as individuals and as a society to get through to each other again?

Can we fix our divided culture?

Want to listen to these conversations on the go? They’re the two most recent episodes of the GeekyJustin Live podcast. Just search “GeekyJustin Live” in your favorite podcast software.

And for more on what you can do on an individual level, I’ve written about how to reach across our political and social divisions in my book Talking Across the Divide, which is available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come on this. (And if your organization would like a speaker or consultant to help you work through how this affects you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.)

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