Here’s what happens when I speak at Christian colleges.


Public speaking (and especially speaking to Christian groups) is one of my favorite things in the world. It’s so much fun!

I just posted three different videos of presentations I gave in the last few weeks at Christian colleges, so for those of you who might be thinking about having a speaker at your school/church/group, this is what you can expect. 🙂

I posted a description on each one, but for those of you who don’t like to scroll, here’s the quick explanation and index:

My friend Ron and I are Christians who disagree with each other about how the church should approach the question of homosexuality, but we respect each other’s faith and have been friends for years. We recently spoke together at Pepperdine for two nights. Afterwards, I spoke alone in Abilene, home of several Christian colleges.

  • Pepperdine night 1 – Ron and I share our stories and talk about how we agree. This is a really important starting place for Christians on this issue.
  • Pepperdine night 2 – Ron and I discuss the Bible and how we disagree. This is the most serious of the presentations.
  • Abilene presentation – This one is just me (without Ron). It’s loosely based on the information from the “Pepperdine night 1” presentation, but with a few new jokes and tidbits thrown in.

Feel free to watch and share!

I do lots of other presentations as well. If your group would like a presentation, go here to ask about my availability.

Added Oct 2013: Here’s another video, this time of a “debate” I did with Christopher Yuan at Malone University.