Hey, I’m on Rachel Held Evans’ blog!

For those of you who don’t know Rachel Held Evans, she’s a Christian author and blogger who has built a reputation for gently and patiently challenging preconceptions—both her own and others’. I got to interview her for a podcast that hasn’t hit the podcast feed, but will soon.

Rachel’s been doing a really cool thing on her blog recently: a series of posts inviting her readers to “Ask an atheist,” “Ask an evolutionary creationist,” “Ask a Mormon,” “Ask a Calvinist,” and so forth. It’s an opportunity for her readers to ask sincere questions of those whose beliefs and experiences are different from their own.

I love the atmosphere Rachel encourages with these posts. She’s not claiming that everyone’s view is equally right; she makes it clear that she and many of her readers may often disagree with the views expressed by her guests. The point is to engage in respectful conversation—not only with those we agree with, but with those we strongly disagree with as well. And that, I feel certain, is exactly what Jesus would do.

As you might have guessed by now, Rachel asked me to make an appearance for a new “Ask a gay Christian” segment. Right now, her readers are cooking up a bunch of interesting questions for me; I can’t wait to see what they have to say!

Check it out!

Update: And here’s the follow-up post, where I answer Rachel’s readers’ questions!