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Rules for calling introverts.


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Dear non-introverts,

Here are the rules for calling an introvert like me on the phone.

Rule 1. If you just want to communicate a piece of information, send a text message instead. That’s what it’s for.

Rule 2. If you really want to chat on the phone, send a text, email, or message FIRST to find out when a good time would be. This gives us a chance to mentally prepare for the call. Trust me, that’s important.

Rule 3. If you disregard rule 2 and decide to just call us without warning, we will either avoid the call (and feel guilty) or else answer it out of obligation (and feel irritated). In either case, please spritz yourself in the face with cold water and say, “BAD friend! BAD friend!”

Calling an introvert without warning is basically the equivalent of showing up at someone’s house without being invited. They might open the door, but it doesn’t mean they’re not secretly resenting it.


(I posted a version of this on Facebook and it got a lot of response so here it is on the blog! I hope it helps you have better relationships with the introverts in your life.)

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