New UK cover!

You already know that my book Torn is coming out this November in North America, but did you know that it’s also coming out in the UK in January?

…and that it will have a new name?

…and that it will have a new cover?

Well, guess what, my UK friends, here it is!

Image of Unconditional cover

The UK edition of the book will be called Unconditional. It will be very similar to the North American edition, but with a few differences, like conforming to UK spelling and grammatical style (such as the much more sensible use of periods outside of quotation marks when they’re not part of the quotation). It will also have some UK-relevant statistics instead of American ones.

The UK edition will be available in paperback on 17 January 2013 (see, there’s that UK style!). It’s already available for pre-order on, and if you find it listed for pre-order anywhere else, send me the link and I’ll add that here as well!

Meanwhile, those of you in the US and Canada can pre-order your copy of the North American edition (and help me prove there’s a market for this sort of book) right here!