The one about grace.

A thought for today.

Ultimately, I believe that Christianity is about one central thing: the enormity of the grace of God.

That’s really what it’s about, right? That grace is why Jesus came, what he preached, and why he went to the Cross; it’s why God loves us in spite of our sins; it’s why God calls us to love one another in spite of each other’s sins.

And we have such a hard time with this concept of grace.

Sometimes we have a hard time accepting God’s grace. We keep beating ourselves up for past sins and mistakes, wallowing in our guilt and focusing on how unworthy we are, never truly feeling loved by God.

Other times we cheapen God’s grace. We sin all we want, telling ourselves that it doesn’t really matter how we live because God will ultimately forgive us anyway. And in so doing, we create barriers between ourselves and God.

And while these may seem like opposite extremes, they both stem from the same problem: minimizing the enormity of God’s grace.

If I remain mired in guilt about my sin, I’m minimizing the enormity of God’s grace, imagining that there’s just not enough grace to truly forgive what I’ve done.

And if I fail to recognize the depth of my own sin, I’m also minimizing the enormity of God’s grace, acting as if it didn’t really take that much grace to forgive me.

If I truly understood how great is the depth of the grace of God, I wouldn’t treat sin like no big deal; nor would I let it ensnare me in paralyzing guilt.

If I truly understood how great is the depth of the grace of God, I would live like a new creation, being gracious when others fail, and loving God more every day.

May we know this grace and recognize it for the cornerstone of our faith that it is.