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Justin Lee on faith, culture, and nuance

Justin Lee on faith, culture, and nuance

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The surprising true story of why some people say “same-sex attracted” instead of “gay.”

…and why that one language quirk is causing issues around the world.

When I speak on LGBTQ issues, I’m sometimes asked about this term same-sex attracted. In some places, people haven’t heard the term at all; they just wonder, “Why wouldn’t you say gay or bi?” But in other places, the preference for same-sex attracted is so strong that someone who says gay would be viewed as an outsider or sinner.

Why? And does it matter? Here’s a new video on the story you’ve probably never heard.

"Gay" vs. "Same-Sex Attracted": It matters more than you think.

The concept for this video started out as a simple one: I was going to briefly explain the terminology difference and why I think it’s so important to be careful with our language. But as I started researching the history of this terminology, I discovered things that even I didn’t expect.

I’d really love to hear what you think about this kind of historical and linguistic deep dive into something that seems trivial and turns out to be really important. Many hours of research went into this, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Patrons also have exclusive access to an earlier version of the video, deleted scenes, and a blooper reel. Thanks to those of you who are helping support this kind of research and content!

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